The Moto X Just Might Have the Dumbest Smartest Accessory Ever

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Motorola will be selling a $20 accessory for the Moto X that could very well be the smartest thing it has ever done or be the dumbest phone accessory ever. Called the Skip, it's a clip that houses a NFC chip that'll let you unlock your Moto X by simply tapping it. No lock screens, no pass codes.

The idea seems promising enough, right? It's an optional accessory for people who want this sort of useless thing. Maybe you can put it in your car (no driving and texting!) for easy unlocking access? Maybe for disabled people, it can be easier to use? Maybe its for people who require more sophisticated security or something? Maybe?

But for most people, this might be the dumbest thing ever. You're telling me I have to spend $20 for some clip that I'll probably lose in about 48 hours to do something my finger can already do for free? That's just crazy. Like seriously, using this thing might be considered lunacy.


But passwords are limited. So I'll always support efforts in expanding the idea of what a password can be. I just think this one's not going to work out. But keep on, keeping on. [Motorola via Droid Life]

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Who are you people—Android or iOS—who still use a 4-digit PIN (Android automatically allows up to 16 digits; complex passcode in iOS will still show a keypad if your passcode is entirely numeric) to lock your phone... and how many of you use that same PIN for the ATM? No reason, just asking.