The Mysteries of the Netflix Recommendation Engine Revealed

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Despite the fact that Netflix is doing away with extra profiles in the queue, there is ususally little to complain about regarding the relatively high efficiency of their recommendation system. Ever wonder how they do it? Sound & Vision did, so they did a little research and uncovered some interesting bits of information-some of which you might be able to use to your advantage.

Naturally, Netflix anticipates demand by combining box office popularity with your input-but it is not always first come, first served when it comes to new releases in the queue. In fact, the more active you are with your membership, the less likely you are to receive a new release quickly. Furthermore, if you have received numerous new releases over the course of the month, you are less likely to get them down the line. So, if there is a new movie you are dying to get right away, it might be a good idea to pass on some lesser movies to up your odds.


Oh, and if you were wondering why Netflx did away with profiles in the queue, Sound & Vision discovered that it was a move intended to streamline their service and keep prices low going forward. You may not consider it a "minor feature," as they do-but if it is true about the prices, dropping it is probably worth the sacrifice. [Sound & Vision]