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The Mysterious Ice Circles of Siberia

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A strange phenomenon has been developing in the Siberian lake Baikal. A 2.5 mile-wide circle suddenly formed last month in the center of the lake. NASA scientists say it appears the ice is being melted in a perfectly circular pattern. What could do this?

That's what's cool - nobody knows for sure. Is it a buried UFO? An underwater volcano? All we know is that the International Space Station shot pictures of the circle forming and then breaking as the ice melted during the month of April. Researchers say the ice on this lake often forms overnight and melts during the day, so possibly a spurt of hot water from below the lake is causing the already-thin ice to create this pattern. But what would emit hot water in a perfectly circular pattern?


If you've seen the show Surface, I think you already know the answer. Below, you can see both circles.

via Xenophilia