The Mysterious Nintendo DS MP3 Player

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Nintendo's set to release an official MP3 player for the Nintendo DS, making it not only a game machine and a web browser, but a music playing device too. The above picture was seen in a brocure from the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany.


We suppose this is close enough to an official announcement, but there will probably be an even more official announcement from Nintendo soon. The specs:

  • For Nintendo DS (to be inserted into slot 2) and Game Boy Advance hardware
  • To store music you need SD cards. Up to 2 GB cards are supported, this equals to 500 songs (best sound quality)
  • Choose between different skins (including one with Mario)
  • The interface shows all important information
  • The unit itself features another headphone port

The tentative price and release date are 29.99 Euros ($38) and October 8, respectively.


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