Illustration for article titled The Nazis, While Unspeakably Evil, Made a Fine Solar Backpack

Do I even need to ask why anyone would want a German army WW2 backpack?

If there's an argument to be made, it's one of durability. These vintage Nazi backpacks are rated to last another 50 years (apparently WW2 was meant to go on a long, long time). Retrofitted with solar panels and batteries before being rebranded as KILLA Vintage series #1 bags, I have a feeling that the electronics will fail long before the cloth will wear away.


And while admitting this feels a bit awkward, I'm smitten with the design of the pack itself. It's almost too bad that only 20 bags will be produced yearly for an unspecified price. [Killa via taktomyshirt via therawfeed]

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