The Netbook Hackintosh Video Apple Made Wired Take Down

Gadget Lab writer and Giz friend Brian X. Chen said earlier today via Twitter that Apple "is suing Wired for my video tutorial on hacking netbooks to run Mac OS X." Updated.

Update 2: Wired got back to us. The official story is that they're not being sued, it was just a misunderstanding by Chen. But Wired has pulled the video after reviewing Apple's complaint about it.


Update 1: Brian just tweeted that they're not being sued, but notably, Gadget Lab's video has still been taken down.

Brian actually loaned his personal MSI Wind Hackintosh for the Giz Gallery. It seems more likely that Apple is actually sending Wired a cease-and-desist rather than asking for money—telling them to pull the tutorial, which explicitly lays out step by step how to put OS X on a netbook, including trips to The Pirate Bay to get the software, diving into the notebook's guts and other grisly details in a fantastic, super-complete guide to Hackintoshing a netbook.

We'll update with more details as we get them, but be sure to check out this awesome guide to building a Hackintosh netbook in the meantime—which is now sure to be seen by more people than ever before. Way to go, Apple.



I believe that there's a lot of feelings of entitlement going on around here. Look, Apple does what it wants with its product, and while we can flail our arms and call them greedy bastards, there's nothing you or I can do about it, except find our own way to either get exactly what we want, or just go with a sensible alternative. Currently, there are alternatives, and last I checked, there's really not much you can't do with them, and from the general consensus here, do so and pay less.

Saw a suggestion that OS X be opened up to PC's and that iWork/iLife be released for PC's. My question is: Why? I don't want to come off as some Mac fanboy, but we just have to deal with the simple and obvious truth that a company is free to do with its products what it may, but in the spirit of competition, other companies produce systems and software that allow us to do the same exact things in a number of ways. Are you that unhappy with Office? Can't stand Windows? Then I suggests you get a hanky and cork up your water holes, cuz that's just tough dumplings.

I don't like the sue-happy Apple persona all that much. I dislike a lot of their design tactics, and I also dislike their general attitude conveyed in their ads, which was fun at first, but now has grown tiresome. However, I do like the fact that OS X is license code free, and allows me to reinstall at my liesure, without any risk of having an activation bork on me, like Windows can. A fully "open" OS X, would eventually turn into a closed OS that would have a strict machine limit. After the terrible MobileMe fiaso, I don't want Apple having to implement a full on callware DRM in their OS. That would seriously kill one of the things I like about the operating system.

OK I'm sort of ranting here so I'm gonna stop now.