The new Die Antwoord video is here and it is crazier than ever [NSFWish]

Holy crap, Die Antwoord has a new video for their new single Ugly Boy—from their 2014 album Donker Mag—and it's as crazy as all their previous work. The video is packed with stars like Marilyn Manson, Aphex Twin, Cara Delevingne, ATL Twins, Jack Black (!), Flea, and Dita Von Teese in pasties.

The track itself, however, it's less crazy than their previous work. More poppy. Enough to be likable on first pass.

Die Antwoord is a South African rap-rave group formed by rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and backed by DJ Hi-Tek.


You can buy Ugly Boy here.

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Let me start by saying that this video is not as shocking, provocative, or socially minded as their previous work. Poppy: sure. Thanks goes to Aphex Twin and melodic vocals for that. I'm sad I won't be buying this album.

Here is my response—because I thought it should be public. I'm not subtle in my iconoclastic critique of popular culture.

*** *** ***

Generally, I think Die Antwoord really talented.

HOWEVER, I don't think this is in ANY way their most controversial video. I liked the other ones more.

What I do find controversial is their content here. First, I'm all for advocating for a more open-minded appreciation. And, yes, it's true that the best looking people may not really be that into you—largely if they are into themselves or their looks are a delicate structure resting on insecurity and a misplaced fetishization of power. It's a sad day when power is externally provided and socially approved. But, it happens.

What bothers me in this video for UGLY BOY is the egregious double standard and the phallocentric, superficial celeb load of horse manure. The video showcases famous/celebrity examples of "ugly boys" who are, as the song says, likely to obsess and love and devote themselves to the girl in question; by inference (and blatant lyrics) she is out of their league and they should treat her like a princess and she should get whatever she wants. That includes dollar bills raining down on her ass. Not my genie-wish if I had one, but to each their own. Not to mention that the one implied exception is the singer, who is engaged in knee deep in fights and mayhem—perhaps proving through violence his ardor? Is this the modern equivalent of slaying a dragon? I'm really confused about the message of him fighting for her—and her finding his destroyed mug hot. Also, I think there has been enough paparazzi illuminating that powerful celebs, regardless of looks, can be really cruel to and philander on the women in their lives. DV scandals and cheap hookers abound despite equally famous hot celeb girlfriends. (*cough* - Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley)

BIG PROBLEM: even if you are out of their league, we have all lived long enough to know that even ugly men can be ugly on the inside, too. ABUSE is NOT what happens just by pretty or powerful men to desperate women.

NEXT big problem: GUYS CAN BE UGLY and they may still score some DEVOTED HOT CHICK who loves that they are singly minded about her???!!! This is just a reframing of the same bullshit "men are entitled to and defined by trophy hot chick" and "women are as valuable and powerful as youth, body, and beauty allow them", which is all dependent on said man. Well, thank you for keeping us in the Dark Ages, An-twerp. Thanks a lot. Now, go F*CK yourselves and all the lame women who will use this only-superficially-transgressive song to develop eating disorders, bitchy personalities, and shallow contributions to the gene pool.

I'm not even going to address Aphex Twin in what appears to be black face, track gear, and the word GOD scrawled on his chest in what appears to be some reference to hip-hop celebrity culture. It hurts too much.

~ X