The New Google Wallet App is an Absurdly Easy Way to Send People Your Money

Previously, Google Wallet was some kind of hybrid payment system that few people understood, and fewer used. The newly revamped Wallet — now available on iOS — is meant to do just one thing: send money to other people with minimal hassle.


Download the new Wallet app on iOS or Android, add a debit card or bank account, and you can send cash to anyone in the U.S. with an email address. When you get that money, you can either cash it out, or use a (free) Google Wallet card to spend that money in actual stores.

It’s an obvious hit at services like Venmo; whether it’s got the pull to de-throne the check-splitting app of choice is a different question, but Google’s certainly giving it a try. You can get the iOS or Android app right now.



I love Google, but there is something scary about linking a debit card to things... I mean, my credit card last year was copied to a new card and someone spent $700 at Taco Bell and $350 at Best Buy. Not sure I like linking a debit card to anything. Yes, $700 at Taco Bell.