If you could build your own High Line, what would it look like? That's the question the QueensWay Project, an effort to turn an abandoned stretch of railway in Queens into an elevated pedestrian and bike path, recently asked designers to answer. Some of the winners announced today are truly wild.

QueensWay has been compared to Manhattan's High Line, since it also seeks to turn an abandoned, elevated railway into a public space. But it's also an opportunity for designers to do something totally different. How different? Well, the Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) committee just announced the winners of their ideas competition for the QueensWay.


While some look like High Line clones, others really go out on a limb. Our favorite is the second place winner "Queens Billboard" by Nikolay Martynov of Basel, Switzerland. By creating a steel truss (the "billboard") atop the railway, interwoven with stairs and ramps, it would let visitors take in the Borough from the air. It looks like a human roller coaster. [ArchDaily]