The Is Relaunching By Putting Your Face on the Front Page

The New York Times already gave us a preview of its brighter, cleaner, and all around more beautiful website earlier this year. But starting tomorrow, the redesign will be here to stay. And to celebrate, the New York Times is showing off just how customizable (and GIF-able) it's new homepage will be.


Conference attendees can take a seven-second video of themselves, which will then be inserted into a sharable, customizable version of the homepage like the one you see above. In discussing what prompted the idea for the project, Executive Director of Digital Subscription Marketing James Dunn told Gizmodo:

With the introduction of the new website, we wanted to ensure that attendees understand that on, they will be able to customize their own experience on and its apps.

Even if you're not at CES, there will be other chances to get in on the fun; the display will also be featured at SXSW and the MacWorld Conference later this year. And sure, it's not an official front page mention by the Grey Lady, but it's still fun to try to trick your parents into thinking it is.



This would be more relevant if they eliminated the paywall.