The New Trailer for Gundam Thunderbolt Has All the Space Jazz Action We've Ever Wanted

Recently, we got our first look at Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, an adaptation of the classic manga of the same name, that might as well be called Mobile Suit Cowboy Bebop. But now we’ve got an extended glimpse, and it’s making us yearn for more space jazz and space robots. CHECK OUT THAT DRUM SOLO.


Bandai Visual released this extended trailer recently, and it has everything we wanted out of Thunderbolt and more. The insane style is there—including a truly remarkable drum solo that, at one point, is accompanied by someone beating out a drum solo inside the cockpit of their own Mobile Suit, which is peak ridiculousness—as is the badass space action, as a series of heavily armed giant robots (seriously, how many shields do the suits in this need!?) get smoked by a Zaku sniper.

But we also get to see a brief glimpse of the human side of this space jazz war, as is usual when it comes to Gundam, and we’re liking what we’re seeing an awful lot—unsurprising considering the Thunderbolt manga is pretty cool, but getting to see it in motion is still a delight.

I mean, come on, it’s Jazz and Gundam. It’s practically impossible to not like such a pairing, especially when the trailer ends with a line like this:

I’m Ensign Io Fleming. When you hear the jazz, you’ll know I’ve arrived.


Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt’s first episode (of four) will be available digitally in Japan from December 25th.



How often are episodes going to be released? Are we looking at a situation where they’re released as often as MS IGLOO episodes?