The Newest Installment of Hulu's Into the Dark Anthology Promises a Harrowing Take on Purity Culture

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Oh, this looks... bad.
Oh, this looks... bad.
Image: Hulu

Purity culture, with purity rings and abstinence pledges and more patriarchal control than you can imagine, is terrifying enough on its own. Which makes Pure, the newest installment of the Blumhouse-created Into the Dark anthology, just excessively unsettling.

Like Midsommar at Jesus Camp, the trailer for Pure paints a rough, unsettling picture of young women at a cult-y retreat, as the controlling subtext of “purity” becomes more than subtext, and dark supernatural forces emerge to amplify the terror of the situation. It’s horror that’s bound to hit home for a lot of us who grew up in certain parts of the country.

And the trailer looks fantastic, riveting and unsettling and making me eager to see more. It’s just one long series of “yikes” moments, which is exactly what I look for in a horror trailer. The harrowing journey is directed by Hannah Macpherson and will star Ciara Bravo, McKaley Miller, and Jahkara Smith.


Pure premieres on Hulu as part of the Into the Dark anthology on September 6th.

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