The Next New Hotness in Cameras for Canon: Built-In GPS for Geotagging, Fuel Cells and OLED Displays

The megapixel race is essentially over (maybe)—besides holding little weight w/ geeks anymore, even the lowliest shooters pack in eight (noisy) ones. So now, it's all about features: Gravy is the new steak. Canon's main mouthpiece, Chuck Westfall, says that one of Flickr fiendsters' and OCD metadata hounds' wet dreams—built-in GPS for automated geotagging, will show up in cameras "within the next two years, possibly sooner."


And in a few years, you might not need to sling a set of extra batteries with you—Westfall says that fuel cells with "maybe twice the capacity as lithium-ion batteries" are on the horizon, which, combined with OLED displays (which are also brighter, clearer and all-around sexier) translate into a shitpot more snaps before your battery begs for more smack.

Even if the switch to fuel cells takes a stretch to actually happen, the OLED transition won't—Canon has been dumping a lot of cash into the tech, giving them "the infrastructure needed to bring this online." It won't just be in the super high-end stuff either, they're planning to "implement OLED in all our consumer products: digital still cameras, camcorders, and inkjet printers."

Yeah, the megapixel race might be over, but this is just getting good. [Crave]

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