According to The Next Web, the next generation of Apple's Mac lineup won't look much different—understandable, given the 2012 overhaul—but the guts will be shiny and new. Including, importantly, a new Broadcom chipset that boosts Mac Wi-Fi to the 802.11ac standard.

Translation: Internet Go Zoom.

Apple won't be the first laptop manufacturer to roll the speedy—1.3Gbps throughput with three antennas—802.11ac Wi-Fi; Asus rolled it into a gaming notebook last summer. But as TNW points out, it would be the first company to introduce what's known as 5G Wi-Fi on a broad scale. It would also give Apple a crucial talking point in the wake of last year's retina successes.


As for timing, well, who's to say? While MacBooks are due for a spec bump in the coming months, apparently Broadcom hasn't finished work on the magic chipset yet. Let's hope it puts a bow on it soon; fast can't get here fast enough. [TNW]

Image credit: ifixit