The Nomad Paintbrush Stylus for the iPad is Now Available

No more finger painting! No more friction-filled rubber stylus strokes! The Nomad Brush, a capacitive paintbrush-style stylus for the iPad, is now available. It's 7.5 inches long, weighs 5.7 grams, and it's got a mix of both conductive and natural fibers at the end of its walnut and carbon shaft.

Nomad recommends using it with apps like Artrage, Brushes, Auryn Ink and Zen Brush, though any will do—just don't try to use it with real paint. You can get yours for $24. [Nomad Brush via Wired]

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Winston the Pug

Switching to - I can't take this format anymore. I thought it would be a nice change, however, the right side does not scroll on my WinXP work laptop, the font size is too big, and the articles are now snippets. I shouldn't have to bounce around the net to finish reading the article. C'mon Giz. I loved your old format. What happened?

If Canada's page changes, I guess I'll stop reading it altogether.