The NSA's Website Is Down

Illustration for article titled The NSA's Website Is Down was unresponsive late Friday afternoon due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS), according to packs of Anonymous-types on Twitter. Indeed the website would not load for us when we tried, but it's hard to know why until we get confirmation from the NSA. If it is indeed a DDoS attack on the NSA, it would not be the first.


But seriously, the conditions surrounding this alleged attack are super sketchy. There were reports on Twitter that the NSA website was down as early as 3:11 p.m. on Friday afternoon, but it was over an hour later that the Anonymous affiliates started chiming in, tacitly taking credit. Or not—it's hard to tell. As this Twitter user points out, it's a bit weird for an attack on a website as prominent as the NSA's to go unclaimed.

We're keeping an eye on this one and will update you as new updates arrive. [RT]

Update (6:03 p.m.): Apparently someone named the "The Rustle League" is taking credit, now.



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