The One Where You Watch Every Episode of Friends

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Still trying to figure out your New Year's resolution? Here's an easy one: cement a giant chunk of pop culture into your psyche by finally watching every last episode of Friends. Starting today, you can stream the entire 10-season series from Netflix.


Sure, the plot is ridiculous and the characters are about as one-dimensional as they come, but the show served as comfort food for a mass audience back when mass audiences were still in style. It's a bit of a blast from the past watching Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Pheobe deal with nothing but #firstworldproblems in their perfect '90s Manhattan apartments now. Besides, watching every episode isn't as gargantuan a task as it sounds. Even if you only watch one 22-minute episode each weekday, you should be able to finish the 236-episode series before the year is out.

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I have never understood this show's appeal. It simply isn't funny. I've tried. The idiot, or dunce-like Phoebe character is the closest thing to funny, otherwise the show is a waste.