The Only Footage We Have Of Arthur Conan Doyle Talking About Sherlock

This 1927 interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the only known interview with the Sherlock Holmes and Lost World author committed to film. Here, Doyle talks about why he created the world's greatest detective, the response from Sherlock Holmes fans, and his belief in the supernatural.


The interview encapsulates the contrasts in Doyle's life. On the one hand, he wanted to create a character whose deductions were akin to medical diagnosis. (The Holmes character was based on Dr. Joseph Bell, who, according to Doyle, was able not only to diagnosis ailments, but also to determine a person's occupation and character.) And he's quite amused by fans who have mistaken Sherlock Holmes for a real person. On the other hand, he was a firm believer in the supernatural, including fairies, seances, and magic.

[via The Retroist]



Fascinating. Its a shame he devoted the last years of his life to that Occultism "research" and not writing more historical novels.

BTW,if anyone is interested in a similar unusual outview of an author from those days,you might want to read this fascinating interview of H.G. Welles with Joseph Stalin in 1934:…