So you want some cycling practice but you're worried about all of the reckless drivers out there. You don't want to resort to one of those lame stationary bikes, either. The solution? Free motion bicycle rollers. Updated: More danger!

I would love to bike more often, but the thought of cycling here in New York City is utterly daunting. This alternative, however, seems even more terrifying.


If you want to brave your unfinished basement on two wheels, a free motion set up only costs about $35 in parts and can be assembled by following this Instructable. Just don't say I didn't warn you. [Make and Instructables]

Update: Giz reader Daniel and his buddies laugh at free motion bicycle roller danger. Why's that? Because they get down with free motion moped roller danger.

Thank you Daniel, I'm glad you are still alive to share that with us.