For some people, a box of chocolates is the perfect way to de-stress after a long day. For others, a few minutes painstakingly tending to a desktop zen garden does the trick. But for those who are really stressed, an edible candy zen garden brings everything together into the ultimate way to relax.

Japanese art directors Tomonori Saito and Shohei Sawada came up with the idea for the Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden, which is named after a fictional temple. And they enlisted Motohiro Inaba, an artist who works with a traditional Japanese candy known as wagashi, to make it a reality.


Everything except the small rake and box is edible, including the sand which is actually just straight-up sugar tinted to look like tiny pebbles. And as far as desktop toys go, there's a wonderful dichotomy here since this creation can help give you the quick energy you need to survive a meeting, and then calm you back down afterwards. [Spoon & Tamago via Laughing Squid]