That svelte, pixel-dense MacBook Pro with Retina Display sure is a beaut, ain't she? Yep, that's what everyone thinks. Especially thieves. But without a Kensington Security Slot, how oh how will you be able to lock your more than two thousand dollar investment? With ugly, horrible plastic.

It's the only way. Well, it's the only way right now as MacLock is the first company to introduce a laptop lock for the new MBP that's... an inelegant solution, to say the least. The way the lock works is you have to add "an extremely lightweight security skin" to the base of your MBP which if you don't understand Marketingspeak means "a horrifying plastic layer gets permanently plastered on your beautiful MacBook". MacLock says the bottom piece, made of polymer, actually improves the cooling of your laptop. Again, Marketingspeak translation: we know this is awful but at least it won't burn your nuts off. Then a security cable is attached to the plastic laptop condom and then you can pretend you're safe (when you're really not) by attaching it to your coffee cup or something.


Yeah, it sucks that Apple didn't include a Kensington Security Slot with the new MBP (or MBAs, for that matter) but you don't want to compound that problem by making the new MBP more awful. That's like solving a problem by creating another one. [MacLocks via 9to5Mac]

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