The oStylus Lets You See What You're Drawing on Your Touchscreen

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Most capacitive screen styluses are capped with a fat foam tip that obscures what you're drawing (and a good deal of the screen around it.) But the oStylus, now available for $37.50, lets you zero in on your every line.

The stylus, made from aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel, has a unique design that lets you see what you're doing when you're sketching on your iPad, iPhone or other capacitive screen device. And if you've used some of the other styluses which basically require you to guess at what you're marking and hope for the best, the oStylus might seem kinda brilliant.

The oStylus has a tip that looks like a washer, though it swivels as to remain flat against the screen's surface at whichever angle the stylus is held, and it's lined with a vinyl film so it won't mark up your precious screen.


Originally $75, the oStylus is now available for a much more reasonable $37.50. [oStylus]