The Pac-Man Ship That Eats Oil Spills

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The Bottsand class oil recovery ships cruise just like any other vessel, until they reach an oil spill. Then, they open like Pac-Man, transforming into a machine that can clean the oil from 140 cubic meters of water per hour.


Created by the Deutsche Marine—the German Navy—the Bottsand-class opens in half, creating an area to trap water to process in its 790 cubic meter tank. Obviously, one is not enough to clean BP's oilpocalypse in the Gulf of Mexico, but at this point in this huge disaster, anything can help. [Gcaptain]

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The real question is how much oil it can pick up from that 140 cubic meters of water?

If it could pick up 140 cubic meters of oil an hour that would really be impressive...

140 cubic meters = 1,174 barrels

With a tank that can hold 6625 barrels, it could run for over 5 and a half hours without stopping.

If BP's first estimate of 1,000 barrels leaking per hour were true, then a handful of these ships could have taken care of the clean up job with ease... I hate liars.