The Photographic Tricks That Make McDonald's Burgers Look Good

If you've ever wondered how McDonalds manages to make its burgers look so much more appetizing in the pictures than they do in real life, wonder no more. This video takes a peek behind the scenes at a McDonald's photo shoot to explain some of the tricks that are used to make you crave a Quarter Pounder. Amazingly, the ingredients in the two are exactly the same—though they do look very, very different by the end of the process. [YouTube via PetaPixel]


So basically you make a video telling us how you trick people into buying something by making it look a lot better in a commercial than the product they're actually getting.

And you are head of marketing? Really?

Everybody already knows they do this ofcourse, but this is the first time I've seen a company put focus on the fact that they do it and the process itself.

I can't imagine Apple making a video on the tricks they use to make the iPhone advertisement pictures (the ones that were supposedly snapped with an iPhone and untouched) look as amazing as they do.