The Pikasso 42-String Guitar Even Intimidates Jimmy Page

Double neck guitars are old hat, so make way for the Pikasso, a 42-sting guitar that was borne out of a challenge to make a guitar with "as many strings as possible." The guitar has four necks and two sound holes, plus enough pizzaz to wow even the most "woe-is-me" emo kid on the block. Interestingly, the guitar makes use of a design element called "the wedge," which tapers the size of the guitar so that it's thinnest where it presses up against the guitarist's body. This gives the guitarist a better look at the fret board so he knows what he's doing. I'm sure that once you've gotten the hang of playing a 42-stinged, four-necked guitar you can probably pick and a play your counterfeit Les Paul like a pro.

The Pikasso, which took two years, or some 1,000 man-hours to build, can actually be heard on a number of recordings by Pat Metheny. Apparently, he's pretty good.


Don't expect to see this at your local Guitar World, though.

Product Page [Manzer via The Red Ferret Journal]

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