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The Pistol Instrument Cable Knows How to Rock, Kill

Illustration for article titled The Pistol Instrument Cable Knows How to Rock, Kill

If you need to plug in your guitar to an amp, then chances are that you aren't some hippie activist—so you'll be able to appreciate this Pistol Instrument Cable.


Because while guns aren't officially part of the Holy Trinity that is sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, just like leather jackets and the propensity to not wash one's hair, they do go hand-in-hand with the lifestyle.

Of course you don't need the Pistol Instrument Cable to rock. But if you find yourself standing on stage with an equally talented, equally drugged and equally attractive rocker, you'll be glad to have the boost. $25. [Core One via Nerd Approved]

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For some reason, when I saw the title, I thought of the Nintendo gun + Guitar Hero = shooting the notes/circles that come at you.