The Pope Has Chosen Android

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This, my friends, may be the end of the smartphone fanboy wars. I can give my two cents. The rest of the tech community can give theirs. But God Almighty himself, through his appointed papal mouthpiece, has picked a winner.


For this year's celebration of Christ's birth, Pope Benedict will remotely light a giant Christmas tree display attached to the side of a mountain, from 130 miles away. So, yeah, fuck your lawn display.

But! Scandal! He's doing it with the Lord's fave new gadget, MSNBC reports, straight from the Vatican newswire:

Benedict XVI will activate the illumination from his apartments in the Vatican Apostolic Palace. He will touch the screen of a Sony "Tablet" with an "Android" operating system which, via the Internet, will transmit the command to switch on the electric current to the tree.

Will this alleged "Android" "Tablet" be a Sony S? It doesn't matter. The heavens have parted, and the choice is clear: The Pope Chooses Android. If you are one of the world's billion-plus Catholics, take note!

Also, kind of sad how far we've fallen since the days of the burning bush. Moses needed no "tablet." [MSNBC]

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So, the Vatican does product endorsements now? I guess the child sex abuse scandals throughout the world wasn't enough to cheapen the image of the church, now they do product placements in their press releases.