The Pope Wants You All Blogging (And Time-Traveling)

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Writing from the future, Pope Benedict XVI is urging his followers, including priests, to "be present in the world of digital communications," using "images, videos, animated features, blogs and websites," all with the aim of converting people to the church.

It's a long and rambling essay on the importance of using this newfangled form of communication to reach out to those weak to the power of the church, with the Pope showing a healthy grasp of internet slang:

In this way the Word can traverse the many crossroads created by the intersection of all the different "highways" that form "cyberspace", and show that God has his rightful place in every age, including our own.


Using a blog is also valuable for time-travelers, as the Pope himself has shown, writing the blog entry on Sunday, the 16th of May 2010, according to the timestamp. [Vatican via Twitter]