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The Queen Visited The Game Of Thrones Set And Trolled The Planet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Queen Elizabeth II stopped by the Game of Thrones set in Belfast during her trip to Northern Ireland today, where cast and crew stood silently to greet the monarch. It was all very nice and polite until the Queen came up to the Iron Throne... and then refused to sit in it.

COME ON, LIZ. A picture of you on the Iron Throne was what EVERYONE wanted. Not just your own subjects, not just GoT fans, and not just HBO. Every media outlet on the planet was salivating at the idea of taking a photo of the Queen on the throne, and instead you took one cool glance at it, and just walked away. If I wasn't one of those people who also thought I'd be running this awesome pic of you in this article, I'd congratulate you for basically trolling every Game of Thrones enthusiast on the planet.


I can only hope that she's planning on meeting up with Lena Headey later this week to talk about how tough it is to be queen and drink a shit-ton of wine. Probably won't give us any photos from that, either.

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