The Raspberry Pi Is Finally Getting Wi-Fi

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The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic, cheap, and surprisingly powerful little computer, but it’s rather lacking in the connectivity department. With the Pi 3, that’s all changing


FCC filings show an upgraded Raspberry Pi 3 has been submitted to the FCC for certification. On previous Pis, you could add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by using a dongle, but that added cost, size, and used a valuable USB port.

The new Pi 3 Model B adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the board, which opens up a whole world of additional possibilities—making a home media PC should be even easier than before. There’s also an upgraded processor, a 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53. Sadly, the same 1GB of RAM and 400 MHz VideoCore IV graphics are tagging along, which means video streaming may still be a little hampered.


The best news is the price—the same as the Pi 2, at $35, means it’s still the cheapest thing you can get that runs full-fat Windows. It’s on sale today from Pi resellers.

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I want a barebones thing that will cheaply stream Netflix, xfinity and Amazon prime smoothly in 1080p. Internal storage doesn’t matter. Anyone have suggestions on something a little beefier than this?