The Real James Bond Comes to Blu-ray October 21

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The best (read: Sean Connery) James Bond is finally coming to Blu-ray when six older Bond flicks are released later this year. Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only, Live and Let Die and Die Another Day are hitting Blu-ray on October 21, the same time as the new Daniel Craig movie Quantum of Solace. There are a couple Brosnan and Moore flicks in there too, if you like that sort of thing. No pricing info yet. Expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the entire Bond series on Blu-ray, which you'll have to re-buy again in about 15 years when the next, better format/encoding standard is out.


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Yeah... only read one of the bond books like a millennium ago. Got me there. Just from a personal preference I never liked Dalton's acting... it always felt like he was trying too hard... not only in bond, but in other things I've seen him in.... For my taste he's always come across as a made for TV movie kind of guy.