The Rocket Sled that Made Winter Cry

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Ky Michaelson, or The Rocketman as he's known in some circles, doesn't trudge through the frozen winter tundra like the rest of us.


His custom-built rocket sled is modeled after a miniature Radio Flyer. Of course, his features machined aluminum rails, oak planks, front-mounted steering bars, speedometer, and, oh right, a freaking rocket strapped to the back.

But our favorite part of the rocket sled isn't the sled itself. It's that The Rocketman is testing his creation near some families who were probably happily ice skating on that pond before some lunatic Apocalypse Now'd the otherwise tranquil atmosphere, replacing the aroma of roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate with spent rocket fuel. [Rocketman via MAKE]



how does one measure speed on a sled? wind resistance? or is it just one of those "fauxdometers" that has a sticker of an odometer slapped on it?