The Russo Brothers Considered Putting Marvel's Netflix Heroes Into Infinity War

An artist’s rendering of what basically every frame of Infinity War would have to look like if it had gotten all the TV heroes into the mix too.
An artist’s rendering of what basically every frame of Infinity War would have to look like if it had gotten all the TV heroes into the mix too.
Photo: Marvel Studios

Infinity War already requires a boatload (or six) of characters. Something had to give—and that give mainly came in the convenient form of anyone attached to a Marvel TV show.


The seemingly endless discussion about the tenuous bonds between Marvel’s TV and movie properties reached an apex with the release of Infinity War, a movie pretty much entirely about smushing together as many Marvel movie stars as possible (and then, ya know, killing half of them off). So when it didn’t smush the likes of Daredevil or the Agents of SHIELD into the mix too, it seemed like the closest thing to an open admittance from Marvel Studios that not everything is as all connected as they would’ve liked you to keep thinking.

But, speaking at a Collider screening and Q&A of the movie last night (attended by /Film’s Peter Sciretta), the Russos said that they were at least considering putting some of Marvel’s small-screen supers into the film, but had a very reasonable answer for as to why they ended up not doing so. It was just...a lot. Too much in a movie that might as well be titled Avengers: God, There’s Just a Whole Lot Going On:

Honestly, it’s fine! Given how much work Infinity War has to do to bring together just the film characters, making that job considerably harder by throwing in entire casts of TV shows (who would then also need to be introduced and explained to the audience) is a challenge the Russo brothers didn’t need.

And that’s before taking into account the logistical nightmare of scheduling between shooting film and TV, and making everything all line up in continuity. And then there’s the ramifications of what happens at the end of Infinity War going on to impact a year-plus of TV show storylines. It all adds up to a point that something has to give, and honesty, the TV side being the thing to give makes more sense to Marvel’s films than the other way around.

Marvel’s TV side and its movie side are both very rad things that are pretty much only ever going to be loosely connected by distant nods and winks (mainly from the TV side) at this point. If there’s ever a way to get them to come together, it’ll be awesome. But it’s probably not going to be in ginormous smorgasbord crossover movie’s like Infinity War, because it’s all just...well, a whole damn lot of work already.

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