The Secret Of Star Trek, According To Gene's Son

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Rod Rodenberry has some words of advice to JJ Abrams and everyone working on the follow-up to this summer's Star Trek movie: Don't make it too science fiction-y, because Star Trek isn't science fiction. Yes, really.

Talking to the LA Times' Hero Complex blog, Rodenberry offered the following:

[W]e all know they're going to make another one. They would be crazy not to. So we all know that that's going to happen. I'd like to see that the same team stays onboard. What tends to happen is someone comes in, they make their mark, now they're gonna bring in someone else, and it becomes generic sci-fi action. That's not "Star Trek." "Star Trek" was never science fiction. "Star Trek" was about people, humanity, characters. That was just thrown into the bubble of science fiction.


But... but... but...! [Hero Complex]