The shrinking of the Arctic ice in one simple graphic

Illustration for article titled The shrinking of the Arctic ice in one simple graphic

NASA's Greg Shirah made this great grid graphic using images of the north pole sea ice extent from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. From left to right you go from 1979 to 2014. From top to bottom you can see the months. You can see how the spots are smaller every year. Zoom in and scroll.


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i hate to break it to all the tree huggers out there but the earth moves in cycles... these cycles are LONGER than most generations, so you cannot see it unless you look over a VERY long timeframe. Yes the earth goes through seasons each year but it also goes through a larger cycle of climate change. about every 100-150 years the earth gets warmer then colder. e dont have records to PROVE the ice caps are vanishing for good, just that theyre currently vanishing, but we DO have records of the average temperature going from warmer to colder back to warmer back to colder. Sorry, but some dude using hairspray in Florida isnt gonna do a damn thing to our planet. Its a large eco system that repairs itself. volcanic eruptions are the most hazardous event to our planet and its climate currently... but guess what.. those have ALWAYS happened... do everyone a favor and stop bitching about climate change because you need something to botch about