The Simple Joy of 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty

Magnetic putty makes me deeply happy. It slowly deforms under a gentle pull, or snaps when abruptly tugged, while the magnetism will draw it like a creeping monster to devour stray magnets. While a handful of putty is fun, I am utterly enchanted by a monstrous 100-pound blob.


While you can magnetize normal silly putty with the addition of iron oxide, or build your own from scratch using white glue, borax, and iron filings, the marketing team at Vat19 prefers you purchase it from them. To encourage your purchase, their always-extreme marketing department bumped the usual magnetic-putty demonstrations by collecting a massive 100 pound glob and playing with it. (Yes, I totally agree: this is Venom come to life to engulf its host.)

They try bouncing it by dropping it over a wall [0:19], climbing it like a rope (unsuccessfully) [0:35], chopping it with an ax [0:53], then tease it with an equally-overzealous magnet and running some beloved timelapses of magnet-eating putty [1:35]. The clip ends with slapping the putty on the firing range to pelt it with bullets [2:37]. Poor thing, it just wanted to munch on some magnets in peace!

The whole video is in direct response to user-comments, so if you find yourself wanting more massive magnetic putty action, go on and leave them a suggestion.

Tip via Sploid. For another hypnotizing advertising campaign, GE is intent on breaking all the things.



And here I thought I was happy with my little tub of magnetic putty. Now I know I need to get at least 100 pounds of it. :D