Destructive testing holds a special place in my heart. The idea is to take a material and push it beyonds its limits, recording the moment of failure. General Electric has started a new campaign gratuitously running these destructive tests on innocent every-day objects.

Crushing a block of ice is fun. Image credit: General Electric

Sure, it's an advertising campaign reminiscent of Blentec's always-entertaining Will It Blend? video series of putting anything and everything into a blender, but I don't care about the limited originality. And yes, Spring BreakIt is a disgustingly cutesy name that makes me hide the titlebar like the cover of a trashy novel, but I don't care about that, either. What I do care about is a watching a skateboard wheel squishing like jelly under 100,000 pounds of pressure, drilling a mouth into a glass turtle with a brutal erosion test, or shatter a sand-globe with 5,000 pounds of force. Why? Because watching inevitable slow-motion destruction is hypnotizing fun.


A skateboard wheel offers no resistance under the crushing force of a compression test, with a bearing popping out the side. Image credit: General Electric

Teapots and coffee urns, baseballs and golf clubs, sunglasses and a cocktail umbrella: one by one everything is getting blasted, smashed, or crushed. Even rubber bands are not immune, splintering under the intense pressure, although the rubber ducky is surprisingly resilient. You can browse their vides on YouTube or the #SpringBreakIt website, or follow that hashtag on Twitter.


Please chime in with your favourite destructo-gifs, stories, or videos. Because what else is a Monday for, if not wanton destruction?