The Sirius Sportster4 Loses Some Weight

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The number two satellite radio company Sirius is poised to launch its next generation of plug and play receivers, much to the delight of everyone who didn't like the idea of mounting something the size of Mt. Everest to their car's dashboard. Sirius contends that their Sportster4 is 40 percent smaller than its previous incarnation and that it weighs in at around 4.2 ounces. It comes with all the standard accessories that always end up getting lost, such as a remote control, mounting clips and suction cups. Since it's a Sirius radio, users can look forward to listening to sports coverage of sports that are incredibly popular here in the United States, such as the English Premier League and Wimbledon. There's also local traffic and weather updates for select cities. The Sportster4 will carry a $170 price tag once it debuts later this month.

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