The Social Media Hotels Keep On Coming

People have instagrammed and live tweeted from pretty much everywhere. The peak of a mountain, the birth of a baby, the toilet. Users don't seem to crave permission. But somehow the idea for a social media-themed hotel keeps coming up, and The New York Times notes that another one started in Majorca this summer.


Sol Wave House is the "first Tweet Experience Hotel in the world." There are places to take photos and tweet, special hashtags to use, and a Twitter concierge who manages activities and handles requests guests make over Twitter. But there's also a private component. Guests use free hotel wi-fi to sign into a special app (with their Twitter account of course) so discussions that involve people's exact locations or plans aren't public. Aka a lot of the Twitter hotel experience isn't happening on Twitter. Confusing.

Rooms range from $100 to $300 a night at Sol Wave House, but if you go somewhere else you don't have to pay for the privilege of tweeting your vacation. At least not yet. Meliá Hotels, the company that owns Sol Wave House, has 350 other hotels in their arsenal, so if you're using your vacation to disconnect it may be harder and harder to find a real getaway. [NYTimes]


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