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The Sound of Greenland's Glaciers Shattering

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's one thing to see pictures of Greenland's ice sheets growing cracks and slowly crumbling into the water. But the whole process takes on a visceral, terrifying quality when you watch the two movies we've got for you below the jump: One is the result of a researcher recording a glacier breakup, then speeding up the tape to make the sound audible. The result is the truest form of black metal I've ever heard. The second clip shows a tsunami caused when a chunk of Greenland's ice sheet plunges into the water.

Listen to that sound. I want Meshuggah or Arch Enemy to sample that one and scream over it about industrial death. Over at Discover, io9 pal Michael Reilly describes this second video:

Several kilometers of ice shearing off the Greenland ice sheet is always awesome to behold, and the few thousand folks living down-fjord of Jakobshavn agree; ice-induced tsunamis regularly crash ashore in Ilulissat Harbor, 50 kilometers away from the glacier's edge. A phenomenon they've dubbed 'kaneling.' Rest assured, though, these waves are usually just 1/2 meter high or less when they arrive in the harbor, and they're mostly harmless...mostly. This [video] is a slightly more dangerous version of an ice-tsunami. And yes, that there at the end of the video, that's a couple of guys in a little boat fleeing for their lives.

Awesome Video of Greenland Glacier Disintegrating [via Discover]