The Spoticam Only Pretends It Cares Enough to Spy on You

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I can't speak for everyone here, but I can't even take a piss without 3 or 4 cameras filming me at all times. So these Spoticam lamps will save me a lot of VHS-C tape.

The Spoticam security lamp, available in white or aluminum, elicits the feeling of being monitored while simultaneously providing a convenient, bendable light source. Your friends and family won't trust your assertions that it's just a lamp, of course, and it won't be long until everyone refuses to visit your apartment. But that's OK. The thrill of exploring your own nasal cavity with CCTV is more than enough entertainment on a Friday night to balance out a general lack of company. [Antrepo via MoCo Loco via DVICE via OhGizmo!]