James Brown Demolishes Olympia Washington with a Wall of Sound

This 1971 film is one of the rare times James Brown's original supporting lineup was ever caught on tape. [Open Culture]

John Lennon and Bob Dylan Share a Taxi, Groovy Pandemonium Ensues

The pair of legendary musical artists got into an London taxi, both high as shit. Luckily there was a film crew present to capture the moment. Watch the second half of the ride here. [Open Culture]

Miles Davis and His Second Great Quartet Play Europe

The incomparable jazz musician blew more than a few minds with this performance. Take an hour off, do yourself a favor, and listen to this. [Open Culture]


What a Nine Inch Nails Show Looks Like from Onstage

Rob Sheridan was somehow allowed onstage as NIN played Burn at a Melbourne show back in February '09. Lucky devil.


Devo - 78 paris choutus

Yup, they've still got it.