Creedence Clearwater Revival at Royal Albert Hall - 1970

What, you need a reason to watch a CCR concert beyond the fact that you get to watch a CCR concert?

The Remote Control Growroom

Finally, I no longer have to get off the couch in order to propagate my motivation for never wanting to get off the couch. [High Times]

Got Me a Beard - The Beards

Equal parts Hand Clap Band and Tenacious D, Australian folk-rockers The Beards celebrate the joys of facial hair and the riotous genocide that goes with it on the title track of their third album "HAVING A BEARD IS THE NEW NOT HAVING A BEARD" YOU BUY NOW [Cartoon Brew]

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: Bearded Genocide, R/C Grow Rooms, and Madly Trippin Monks

Bavarian Monk Found Naked in Forest, Madly Trippin' Balls

See kids? This is why you don't eat shit you find in the forest unless its like, a fish or a Hot Pocket or some other easily identifiable food product. A Hiker in Unterwössen near Traunstein called police Thursday night after coming across a naked man who refused help. Local police eventually tracked the jay bird down and discovered that he was actually a monk who had gone camping in the area, mistakenly eaten some hallucinogenic Belladonna berries and promptly began to freak the fuck out. Police were able to convince the disoriented man to receive treatment at a local hospital, though his clothing is still missing. [The Local - Image: Irina_QQQ / Shutterstock]

That Time Prince Served Dave Chapelle, Quest Love, and Neal Brennan Room Service Pancakes at 3AM

Seriously, you can't make this shit up. [Animated Archives via Gawker]

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