The Stoner Channel: Captain Picard Does Hamlet, High Times Picks a Winner, and Quick Cure Builds a Better Bud Rack

Hamlet - Royal Shakespeare Company

Patrick Stewart and David Tennant absolutely blow the doors off this 2008 adaptation of the Bard's classic tale of political treachery. [Open Culture]


How Marijuana Metabolizes Oxygen for Fun and Profit

Quiz just about any school-aged kid and they'll be able to tell you at least the basics of the Oxygen Cycle—plants absorb the CO2 the we exhale and convert it into O2 which we then inhale. But that's not to say that plants have no use of oxygen, in fact it is a vital resource for ensuring robust root stocks and generally improving the life of the plant. Big Buds takes a deeper look at the role O2 plays in plant metabolism. [Big Buds - Image: TFoxFoto / Shutterstock]


What's the Deal with Feminized Seeds?

If you've ever tried to buy weed seeds over the Internet, you'll know that most sites sell two types—regular seeds at a regular price and "feminized" seeds going for two to three times that amount. Feminized seeds are supposed to produce nothing but female plants (which is what growers want) but are they really worth all that extra cash? Cannabis Culture explores how marijuana is feminized, the pitfalls associated with the practice, and why you're better off with normal seeds and a strict thinning regimen. [Cannabis Culture - Image: Ian R]


The Winnahs and New Champeens of the 2012 Bay Area Medical Cannabis World Cup

I was totally going to go to this, but then I got high. [High Times]

Quick Cure Drying Rack

Once you've gotten your latest harvest off the plant, you'll need to dry it before you can use it. Two of the primary dangers at this stage of production are molds and fungi infiltrating your buds as they slowly cure. This new-fangled drying rack from Quick Cure aims to expedite the drying process, minimizing the opportunity for fungal infection while shortening the time between harvesting and smoking. [Advanced Nutrients]


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