The Stoner Channel: Chicago Does the Right Thing, Engineers Fail High-lariously, and the UAE Will Kill You for Slanging

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HARREY PODDER: Say the Magic Word

This is totally how the Harry Potter series should have ended. [Cartoon Brew]

Trust Me, I'm an Engineer!

And you thought that impromptu binger you made from an avocado pit, tennis ball tube, and four AA batteries was impressive? These guys know how to BS a construction project.

The Math Behind M.C. Escher's Art

Tessellation, the creation of an image through repeated geometric patterns, didn't originate with the Dutch artist—in fact he was heavily influenced by Moorish art—but he did it perhaps better than anyone. The BBC takes a quick look at the art and life of [M.C. Escher. [OpenCulture]


In Chicago, Holding Is Not a Crime

As generally expected (though with crossed fingers) the Chicago city Council voted today to decriminalize possession of small quantities of Marijuana. The Windy City's 46 district Aldermen voted 43-3 to reduce the penalty for holding less than 15 grams of weed from a misdemeanor to a citation, running $250-500.


The plan was put forth my mayor Rahm Emannuel and strongly supported by Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who is dealing with a 50 percent jump in homicides over the past year and clearly more important things to do. Those are still some pretty stiff penalties but, all in all, a fantastic first step towards rational drug regulation. This bud's for you Chicago. [NPR]


British National Sitting on Saudi Death Row for Selling Less than an Ounce

The United Arab Emirates do not fuck around when it comes to drug enforcement. An unnamed British citizen, along with a Syrian accomplice, was caught selling just 20 grams of weed to an undercover officer in Abu Dhabi. He now faces the death penalty. Shit, and you thought NYC's stop and search policies were draconian. [Daily Telegraph]