Ray Charles - Live at Montreux

Yup, he's still got it.

Absolutely No Words

This supercut of wrestlers snorting, snrling and, sighing will leave you breathless with laughter and a hankering for anabolic steroids. Seriously, those guys are unnaturally huge. [Buzzfeed]

Tears of Steel

Here's 12 minutes of stunning Sci-fi from the Blender Foundation. It's fourth short in the Open Film series, a crowd-sourced endeavor utilizing the Blender open source 3D creation tool, Tears of Steel pits humanity against its greatest invention—giant friggin' robots.

To Raise Robust Roots You'll Need These Organic Nutes

Plant leafs get way too much credit. Sure they capture the energy to drive photosynthesis, but the roots are equally important, suching up all of the other nutrients and raw materials needed for the process. Weak root systems breed weak plants, which breed weak harvests, and nobody wants that. To ensure your plant's root ball is thriving, Big Buds has assembled some of the best nutrients on the market and put them to the test. [Big Buds]


US Drug Czar Threatens Constitutional Showdown if States Pass Cannabis Bills this November

On a confrence call Monday, former DEA officials and admins from the NDCP warned that if Oregon, Washington, and Colorado pass their respective cannabis ballot measures, they will incur the wrath of the Justice department.


"Federal law, the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court decisions say that this cannot be done because federal law preempts state law." Peter Bensinger, call moderator and former DEA administrator, said, "And there is a bigger danger that touches every one of us — legalizing marijuana threatens public health and safety. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, drug driving arrests, accidents, and drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed. Drug treatment admissions are up and the number of teens using this gateway drug is up dramatically."

Mason Tvert, co-director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, sponsor of Colorado's Amendment 64, however calls shenanigans on this bleak outlook and has told as much to The Huffington Post:

We believe anything claimed by participants on the call today needs to be taken with many grains of salt. These people have made a living off marijuana prohibition and the laws that keep this relatively benign substance illegal. The nation wastes billions of taxpayer dollars annually on the failed policy of marijuana prohibition and people like Bill Bennett and John Walters are among the biggest cheerleaders for wasting billions more. The call today should be taken as seriously as an event by former coal industry CEOs opposing legislation curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. They are stuck in a certain mindset and no level of evidence demonstrating the weakness of their position will change their views.

This is an election about Colorado law and whether the people of Colorado believe that we should continue wasting law enforcement resources to maintain the failed policy of marijuana prohibition. Our nation was founded upon the idea that states would be free to determine their own policies on matters not delegated to the federal government. The Controlled Substance Act itself acknowledges that Congress never intended to have the federal government fully 'occupy the field' of marijuana policy. We hope the Obama administration respects these state-based policy debates. If Amendment 64 is adopted by the people of Colorado, there will be sufficient time before any new businesses are established for state and federal officials to discuss the implications.


It's looking more and more likely that the Supreme Court will eventually have to weigh in on this issue, as well they should, but at least this election is shaping up to be an exciting one. [HuffPo]