Pest - Noree Kim

Remember kids, if they aren't laughing with you, they're laughing at you. Or they're not laughing at all and you're about to be dragged through the streets like a rag doll.

How to Roll a Perfect Joint - Wiz Khalifa

It takes a sure hand to twist one up while sitting in a hot tub.

How Marijuana Is Smuggled into the US

Long story short: any damn way they can think of. [420 Times]


Better Know Your Bud

The sheer scope and breadth of MMJ strains on the market these days are simply staggering with literally thousands of options to choose from depending on your medical need. So how does one figure out the perfect strain for what ails him? Medical Marijuana Strains is a good place to start. This handy and thoroughly comprehensive reference site breaks down each kind of bud for taste, potency, and ailment. [Medical Marijuana Strains via Big Buds Mag]

How To Make Master Wu's Green Dragon Tincture

Extracting THC from clippings by boiling them in 151? Sounds delicious.