Dizzy Gillespie - Dream Band Jazz America

In 1982, legendary trumpeter and front man Dizzie Gillespie played the Lincoln Center with what can only be described as the Dream Team of Big Band. Everyone from Max Roach to John Faddis make appearances over the course of this three hour monster set.


Australian Cops Use Hashtags to Find People Dumb Enough to Post Their Weed Pics on Instagram

I know you're excited to have that shiny new sack of herb sitting on your coffee table but maybe advertising that fact to the whole of the interwebz isn't a particularly great idea—especially if you come from a land down under. The local fuzz has struck upon the ingenious plan of tracking down drug users by following an electronic trail of nugs. "Anyone who posts images of this nature may find themselves subject to a criminal investigation should there be evidence of possession or cultivation of drugs of dependence or illicit substances," according to a Victoria Police spokesman. And if you do insist on posting pics of your illegal haul, don't then add hashtags like #aussiestoners, #weedstagram, or #oznugs. That just makes it too easy. [420 Times]

Hard Boiled: A Punisher FanFilm

Ignoring the fact that the title is a complete ripoff of Chow Yun Fat's crime drama masterpiece, this fanfic starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman is really well done and actually quite a bit better than the OP film (not that that's very difficult, just bears repeating). [NeatoRama]


So You Think You Can Vote

In America, opinions are like assholes: everybody's got one though some are way bigger and more productive than others. Which is fantastic—the ability to say even the most bat-shit crazy things on your mind without fear of government reprisal is a basic tenet of our republic. However, opinions aren't worth much if you don't back up your position with action.


So, if you think The Man has kept you down for long enough or if you really want to show those dirty hippies exactly why the rule of federal law trumps states' rights, you'll need to follow Hamlet's advice and "get thee to a polling station." But first, visit the US Election Assistance Commission to learn how you can get registered in your state. Otherwise you're just one more asshole with an opinion. Image: R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterstock

Jazz Icons: Count Basie Live in '62

This live recording, filmed in Sweden is, in a word, absolutely freakin' fantabulous. Watch, you'll see.