Elvis Presley - Aloha from Hawaii 1973

Ah yes, Comeback Elvis—just look at him swivel those hips like a white, middle-aged, pilled-out, male Shakira.

Troubleshooting - Eric Ko

Everything in life should have a reset button. [Cartoon Brew]

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: Existential Resets, Smoking Guns, and Aloha from Hawaii

The Smoking Gun

Were bongs like Pokemon, this would be the Grffix's fully evolved form—a 36-inch long, 16" tall, borosilicate AR-15. Fill the grip with water, load a bowl into the scope and wrap your mouth around the barrel. [Mickelsen Studios via Nerd Approved


Skin You Alive - Midnight Woolf and Lluis Fuzzhound

Midnight Woolf sticks it to the man with their latest single animated by Spanish illustrator Lluis Fuzzhound Sanchez.

Emo Philips Does Standup

If you've never seen Emo Philips' standup before, you are in for a treat. Like a rambling falsetto Mitch Hedberg, Philips discusses his childhood, his family, and Archimedes' Principle of Fluid Displacement in this early routine from Chicago. Check out the second half of his set here.


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