The Stoner Channel: Hulk Rage, Phytoremediation, and Other Things We Don't Understand

Everyday Hulk

He is going to be so embarrassed when he calms down and realizes there was a spare roll on the back of the tank. Also, nice ass. [Cartoon Brew]


Miami Face-Eater Wasn't High, Just Really Fucking Crazy

The Miami-Dade coroner's office released the toxicology results of Rudy Eugene, the man shot dead while munching on another man's face.


"The laboratory tested for but did not detect any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs in Eugene, the 31-year-old who friends said was religious and read both the Bible and Quran," the AP reported. Though medical examiners did find trace amounts of marijuana, they found no evidence of bath salts, Spice, or LSD. So, obviously, it was the reefer madness that made him go ape shit.[NPR - Image: the AP]


How Growing Hemp Can "Fix" Polluted Soil

When San Francisco claimed eminent domain on the auto garage I used to work for, the city had to excavate the first 10 feet or so of top soil because it was so heavily polluted from all the oil runoff and chemicals used in the industry. This process was immensely labor intensive (they were digging this soil out with a team of back hoes and dump trucks) and hugely expensive (the shop owner was on the hook for six figures). Instead, the city could have just planted some hemp and waited a season.


The process is known as phytoremediation. Instead of digging out the ground wholesale, this method employs a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees to leech heavy metals and other pollutants from the soil. The plants absorb the chemicals through their roots and concentrate it in their leaves and stems. They can then be harvested and disposed of—along with the pollutants they contain.

Among the many types of plants suitable for phytoremediation, including mustard, alpine pennycress, and pigweed, hemp is among the most effective. In large part because it grows like a weed. They are cheap and quick to grow and each plant's root ball can extend up to eight feet below the surface. If only it didn't resemble marijuana. looks at a pilot program that utilizes this unfortunately-shaped super plant to clean up our worst messes. [Hemp - Image: Yellowj / Shutterstock]


Nest - Michael J. Ruocco

You can tell this isn't set in NYC because the bird isn't paying $2200 in rent. [Cartoon Brew]

Messin' With The Blues

Hell yes, the blues with a little green—ain't nothin' finer. This was recorded live at The Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1974 and features the heavyweight champions of blues—Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Jr. Wells, and Pinetop Perkins.


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